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About us

About Us

Aged Care Courses Perth are a nationally recognized training facilitator that provides Certificate III & Certificate IV in Aged Care to those are inclined to kick start their careers in the aged care domains.

Our courses creates trainees who can provide the elderly with professional caretakers who have the ability to help them continue to live an abundant life.

Why should you choose us instead of our competitors?

Experts in the industry
Our excellent team of professional and courteous trainers are solely focused on giving the best education to our trainees.
Through our carefully designed state-of-the-art framework and purposefully built areas for learning, we give the best surroundings to provide our trainees with the best opportunities to maximize their learning.

Exceptional assistance
A good trainer is one who works closely with their trainees, and is successful in educating and inspiring them. Aged Care Courses offer just that, our trainers are the best in the business.
Being thoroughly capable to provide you with the skills and expertise that you wish to receive, our experts are always available to help you at any time of the day.

Experienced Trainers
While working in the industry, our trainers have gained a lot of experience about the thinking process of people and learnt techniques to handle various types of situations.
They can provide education to each and every person, who comes on board our Aged Care Courses, making sure that everyone gets it.

Great Learning Environment
We have specially designed and purpose built classrooms that help deliver our content through the most advanced learning environment.
With this, you can learn much faster and in a much more effective manner, compared to how and what would you learn elsewhere, in a poor infrastructure environment.

It’s all about you
When a person decides to take up something he or she desires, it means they are attached to it in some way, and want to be involved as much as possible.
We here at Aged Care Courses Perth understand that and hence, focus on everyone individually. At the end of the day, the only thing that matters is you and your potential career. We simply want the best for you.

Worried about the course and its difficulty? Don’t be. Our experts have put-in tremendous amounts of effort to make things easy for you to understand.
We have made things simple for you so you never hit a bump in the middle of anything and receive your Certificate III or Certificate IV in Aged Care in no time at all, guaranteed.

Value for money
In order to provide you with the maximum return on your investment, we have arranged the best staff and the best equipment available in Perth.
We provide you with our most comprehensive teachings about aged care so that you can find work and earn money and contribute as soon as possible.

Nationally Recognized Training
Our organization is a certified and nationally recognized professional institute with all the necessary facilities that are essential, as directed by regulatory authorities.
Tied in with a registered training organization, we know we have the complete capabilities and abilities required to train our trainees, whether Certificate III or Certificate IV.

Career Ready
Once our trainees graduate, we provide them opportunities to be employed with our workplace partners in the industry, providing the best placements available.
We want you to be able to jump straight into the field. So be ready, because we are ready to give to you the career you have always dreamed of.

Satisfaction Guaranteed
Aged Care Courses Perth work hard, putting in all our efforts to give you the very best environment from the first till the very last day of your training.

We do this in order to maximize the facilitation of your learning. With a 100% success rate, we can assure that you will be satisfied by our services.

Your Go To Trainers
We mould people in a way that allows them to work both emotionally and professionally to outperform others and achieve the best results.
If you want to pursue the Certificate III in Individual Support or take your qualifications further with a Certificate IV in Aged Care, then Aged Care Courses Perth are your go to trainers.